David Frongillo

David Frongillo

Educational Consultant - Certified National Trainer - Keynote Speaker

My philosophy about teaching is quite simple:

1) Treat the kids the way you want to be treated
2) Be fair and honest
3) Most importantly….. BE YOURSELF


Would you give your best effort to someone at work, if you felt this person was apathetic or indifferent to your mere presence….. most likely not.  Students feel the same way

One of the main things missing in most classrooms today is a real honest personal connection between the teacher and their students.  If the student feels that their teacher is just another adult barking orders, making rules, demanding respect and handing out consequences when students are disobedient, then get ready for a battle.  If this is your plan, then mentally and emotionally you’ve already lost most of your kids and the year just started.  Madeline Hunter famously said, “Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” 

A lot of teachers feel that “that’s not my job” or “I’m here to teach students, not babysit them”.  What Madeline Hunter was implying was that kids need to know that you value them as people and not just students.  This type of teacher/student connection is called a non-contingent relationship.  Research shows, when a student knows you value them as a human being, and not just another student; they will be more attentive, they will work harder for you and challenge you less.  That means you get to spend the maximum amount of your teaching time, teaching your students your curriculum, instead of disciplining them.  Everybody wins.

The biggest unchallenged assumption in teaching today is believing that students arrive to school ready and willing to learn.  This mythical illusion is assumed by parents, teachers, administration and politicians alike.  No matter what the grade level, the fact of the matter is, students need to be taught the very basics.  Students need to be educated on how to learn and how to behave in a socially acceptable way in the classroom before any Math, English or Science can be taught. 

Most teachers really want to do a good job and make a difference in some child’s life.  That’s the reason many instructors got into this profession.  Teachers soon find out that they wear many different hats during any given day.  A teacher often becomes a – mom, dad, nurse, counselor, advisor, judge, jury, lawyer and of course a teacher – just to name a few daily titles.  All this hat-changing, supervision, and daily-drama demands a lot of mental energy.  Teachers DO NOT need any new-fangled theory or gimmicks or the latest and greatest trendy programs with flashy colors and stylish names to make their jobs easier.  What they need is “Time to Teach”.

I loved my time in high school as a student, and I want todays’ students to have that same experience.  I love teaching.  I loved being with the kids.  I love that “ah-ha” moment when a student finally sees or understands what you’re teaching.  “Time to Teach” is my chance to give-back to the profession that I love.  That’s why I’m doing this.


My BIO Sidebar


    20+ years in Teaching:
    - Classroom
    - Hands-On Shop

    Levels of Teaching:
    - Middle School
    - High School
    - College
    - Adult Education

    Where I have Taught:
    - Comprehensive School
    - Vocational School
    - Professional Career Training Institutions
    - Boston Edison Power Co.
    - Boston Sheet Metal Union

    Breaking Records:
    Creating and implementing my own curriculum --
    I have set school records for the number of students choosing my programs in two different school districts.

    Educated at:
    - Fitchburg State College
    - Graduated with distinction
    - National Honor Society

    Besides Teaching:
    - Business Owner (x2)
    - Master Electrician
    - Electrical Contractor
    - Professional DJ

David Frongillo