Increase student achievement by keeping your students on task.  Sounds simple, and it can be.

A school year has a predetermined amount of classroom teaching time. Every single minute of every school hour is supposed to be spent on task, teaching your students. As educators, we know this does not happen. Much of that cherished teaching time is squandered on daily disruptive classroom behaviors. These minor interruptions, though seemingly innocent, slowly steal-away valuable teaching time. Who pays the price for all this stolen time………. every student in your classroom, that’s who!

Believe it or not, an average of 5 to 9 teaching hours is lost every week to bothersome low-level discipline issues. Educators must realize that academic achievement and discipline go hand in hand. By being proactive and implementing a time tested, research based, straightforward, classroom management strategy, you will keep your students on task.

Students on task = increased student achievement.


When you alleviate up to 90% of low-level classroom discipline issues, student accomplishments become almost unlimited.

The best way to alleviate discipline issues, is to stop the distraction before it becomes a problem.  When it comes to managing your classroom, be an active educator, not a reactive teacher.  Every instructor needs a management system that treats students fairly and empowers them to make the proper choice concerning their own classroom behavior.  When the students are involved in setting their own classroom rules, then the discipline war becomes reclassified as a minor skirmish.  As an administrator or teacher, you can provide your staff with a world-class training on classroom management.

Let the accomplishments begin.


Job Satisfaction, Stress and Teacher turnover:

— Most new teachers quit their position within the first 3 years.

— Most veteran teachers retire early for the same reason.

Classroom management is something ALL new teachers struggle with.  Some veteran teachers lose patience with the kids as time goes on.  Find out if your beliefs, approach to teaching, and even your classroom arrangement could be causing behavior problems.  This training will give your new teachers a heightened awareness and level of confidence that allows them to take control of their classroom.  Your veteran teachers will experience a renewed optimism towards their profession and maybe even add a little bounce in their step.  Your teachers will be retiring as a result of reaching that “magic number”, not because they can’t take it anymore.


Imagine, students taking responsibility for their own actions……. it’s not a dream

This classroom management training will show you how to get your students engaged and even a little enthusiastic about their own classroom environment.  When coached along by their instructor, students will help to develop their own classroom rules and procedures.  Now you have empowered your students by making them part of the classroom governing system.  The students should willing accept the rules because they have created them.  When the rules are broken, the consequences are normally respected and honored.  This is just one small part of a system that is proven, practical, research based and easily slips into your everyday classroom procedures.  Forget all that cumbersome paperwork and bookkeeping that comes along with other discipline systems.  When you keep it simple, you are more likely to use it.  That’s how we do it at “Time to Teach” and you can too.


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David Frongillo